Roc Of Cappadocia
About Us

The renovation process of Roc of Cappadocia Hotels started in 2013. It was a farmer & family home of the owner of the field. Mrs.Fatma is the founder of Roc of Cappadocia Hotel and the first woman entrepreneur in Cappadocia.


You will live Cappadocia culture at the hotel with authentic and individual decors of rooms.

Feel The Cave Rooms Of Cappadocia

Roc Of Cappadocia has amazing view for you.


Terrace and Pool

Feel the nature at the beautifully decorated terraces of Roc of Cappadocia Hotel. The silent and peaceful environment is awaiting you for a dreamy accommodation experience in a unique cave and stone rooms. Release from all your stress along with birds singing at our terrace.


Housekeeping Services

We are providing every dar house-keeping services and make sure you have the cleanest and the tidies room ever till now compared to your previous vacations. Our housekeepers will also surprise our honeymoon couple quests with special room decorations.


Best Location

Roc Of Cappadocia is located centrally in Göreme and surround by 7 different Fairy Chimneys. There is a seating area and a terrace with a panaromic and Hot Air Balloon view of the surrounding landscape.


Arch Deluxe Double Room

Arch Deluxe Double Room 201

Arched Deluxe Double Room - Terrace

Arched Deluxe Double Room - Terrace 205

Comfort Cave Suite

Comfort Cave Suite 301

Deluxe Cave Room

Deluxe Cave Room 204

Deluxe Üç Kişilik Oda

Deluxe Triple Room 101 - 102

Junior Cave Suite

Junior Cave Suite 303

King Cave Suite

King Cave Suite 302

Superior Cave Room

Superior Cave Room 203

Superior Double Arch Room

Superior Double Arch Room 202

Superior Double Stone Room

Superior Double Stone Room 103 - 104


Discover Our Cappadocia.


Client Feedback

Şaban ERDA

Şenay & Mustafa Emre Fırat

Erdal Deniz

Hersey cok guzeldi .İlgi alakanizdan dolayi tesekkurler

Betül Gökhan Sezer

Deny Chrisy


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